I've been lucky enough to work on a wide variety of projects and clients, ranging from international blue-chip brands to smaller local businesses, some via agencies and others as direct clients. Here are just some examples of recent work I have produced. Feel free to contact me for a no obiligation chat if you have a particular idea for a production that you think I can help with, no matter how ambitious - chances are I can!

Spire Edinburgh Hospitals - Website CONTENT AND TV ADVERTISING

I regularly work with Spire Edinburgh Hospitals (Murrayfield and Shawfair Park) producing a variety of videos primarily for us on their website but also through other channels.


These include numerous customer testimonials (often shot on location in the patient's own home) and more in-depth promotional features focusing on a particular treatment, such as the Cardiology video that appears here.



I have also been producing TV advertisments for Spire Edinburgh, which have been broadcasting on the STV network since 2011. I get involved right from the initial planning and concept stage and handle all filming, editing and post production. In addition, I handle all required regulatory clearances on behalf of Spire by liasing with bodies such as Clearcast as well as the final digital content delivery to STV through Adstream, ensuring compliance with all relevent technical standards.


I was hired by Pocket Rocket Creative to help them produce this elaborate multi-section DVD for their client The Famous Grouse, which was designed to provide key product information to various overseas markets. Under art direction from the agency, the entire DVD was to be set in the brand's trademark 'white world' and involved lots of post production and special effects work following the studio based shoot which I also undertook. All the sequences, including some built entirely using motion graphics, were designed to visually link up with the menu transitions so that the entire DVD became a seamless viewing experience for the end user.

Administrate - Product DemonStration and Customer Testimonials

I was first approached in 2011 by Administrate, a fast growing Edinburgh based tech-company who deliver global web-based administrative solutions for training providers and we have enjoyed an excellent working relationship ever since. As well as the motion graphics based product demonstration video shown here, I have also produced a number of customer testimonial videos which have proved to be highly valuable tools for growing their business. I film and edit all their UK based content and in the case of overseas clients, also edit the locally sourced footage. You can see the entire series via the link below.



"Steve has strong creative but also technical skills in the motion graphics arena and has an impressive ability to get to the heart of the brand and apply to creative executions.

His previous role at Multiply was within an exceptionally frenetic department and required all to work with speed and accuracy. Turnaround on projects was phenomenally challenging but Steve, without exception, delivered constantly – a credit to his professionalism and commitment.

He would be a superb asset on any freelance projects and I strongly recommend him."

Mark Fowlestone

Founding Partner, Multiply

Above is a showreel which showcases the work I did prior to going freelance whilst at my previous agency Multiply. During my tenure there I worked on a large number of projects for Kimberly-Clark (Huggies, Kleenex, Andrex etc) as well as Pilsner Urquell, Absolut Vodka, Visit Scotland, Highland Spring and others.

One of the advantages of working in video at a marketing agency is that you often get to handle more or less every aspect of the production. A good example is this two minute music video for Huggies entitled “Potty Dance” which I worked on at Multiply, starring children's TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson. Having scripted and storyboarded the sequence, I supervised the recording of a new vocal track and then remixed a new version in a new key (the previous version was sung by a male presenter). I then directed and filmed Naomi and a supporting cast of toddlers at a greenscreen facility in London, built the 3D virtual ‘set’, keyed and composited the live footage, and finally edited the entire sequence.


SNS Group in Glasgow handle media coverage for Tesco Bank's sponsorship activity (via Progress Sponsorship and Communications) and from time to time I am called on to augment their in-house team. Here, I was tasked to both film and edit this short piece to publicise recent launch event for the Tesco Bank Schools Art Competition 2015. This is a good example of a project with an extremely tight turnaround as is common in the PR world - the signed off edit you see here was completed and ready for delivery to the end client at 9.00AM the morning immediately following the event.


This is one of a series of three product demonstration films I made for Brightspace in 2014 showcasing a selection of their learning applications in use by students and tutors at Nottingham Trent University. Location filming for all three was completed within a single day, with editing and post production taking place over the following few days upon return to my Edinburgh base. You can check out the other films in the series via the links below.


Improved Staff Productivity

Dropbox - Flexible and Accessible Course Materials



Glory Global Solutions manufacture a wide range of high end sophisticated money handling and cash management solutions. I was appointed by a local agency to film and edit this promotional film for their client showcasing their new demonstration centre in Paris. Our brief was to achieve a striking and dynamic look to the film (or as we put it at the time, to try and make it look like it might have been filmed by the people behind Top Gear!). Helping achieve this was a colour grade chosen to match their brand colours and a fast paced edit, with overlaid motion graphics completing the effect.


I first visited the University of York when my existing client Adminstrate asked me to go down and film a customer testimonial for them. The University very kindly asked me back to film a new version for their own use with new interview sections, interpersed with some of the background footage we obtained during my intial visit.